Friday, September 14, 2012

National Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Madang, PNG)

National Broadcasting Corporation - Radio Madang (Maus Bilong Garamut), transmitting from Jomba, was logged on 13 September 2012. News and domestic music moderated by a male announcer in Tok Pisin was observed from 19.34 to 20.25 UTC on 3.260 kHz. Reception (SINPO) was 25321 -- poor signal strength, barely audible due to fading and atmospheric noise. Despite these conditions, speech and music was occasional heard with signal peaked. At 20.10 UTC reception improved to 25432 -- speech and music was clearly audible.

The reception quality of this transmission may be heard  HERE.

A reception report was emailed on the same day and subsequently posted.

I received this acknowledgement / confirmation from NBC Radio Madang Director, Mr. Makalai Bell on 21 September 2013:
Hello Mr Breyel.

My sincere apology for not responding to you earlier, or if I did, am doing this again because I have had a serious Internet deactivation and did not have access to email until around September 2013.

Anyway, thank you so much for the Reception Report of yours in Sept 2012 of Radio Madang - Maus Blong Garamut.
I have indeed printed a copy of your Report and pinned it up on the Staff Notice Board and have been sending copies to Madang Leaders & Administrators at quarterly Meetings where I present Reports on broadcasting & Radio.
We will soon be moving our Radio Madang, NBC National Radio Downlink here in Madang to a higher site on mt Nobonob and this may mean a better reception by yourself. Please continue to monitor and if you do get a better reception by October, it would be good for us to get a Report to confirm our improved transmissions and reception.
Best of regards
Makalai Bell
Director, NBC Madang

Radio Madang
P.O. Box 2036
Jomba, Papua New Guinea


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