Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Radio France International / China Radio International on MW

Radio France International (RFI) / China Radio International (CRI), transmitting from Gancheng  {感城}, Dongfang {东方}, Hainan Province {海南} was logged on 2 May 2012. RFI's French language broadcast was  monitored from 13.25 to 14.00 UTC (broadcast time 13.00 to 14.00 UTC); CRI signed on at 14.00 UTC with a broadcast in Vietnamese. Both stations used the same transmitter and frequency of 684 kHz (MW). Reception (SINPO) at 13.30 UTC was 45444 -- good signal strength with minor atmospheric noise and occasional fading. Reception remained constant after 14.00 UTC.

A SoundCloud file of RFI closing and CRI signing on from 13.59 UTC on 2 May 2012 may be heard at this link.

A reception report was emailed to CRI and RFI. Unfortunately RFI has made no effort to QSL in recent years. Insomuch as the transmitter site is located in China, operated by CRI and CRI does QSL regularly, my hope of a QSL rests with CRI.

Surprisingly RFI sent this email later in the evening: "Hello, Thank you for your interest to France Inter. We forward your message to  RFI. Best regards, Bérénice" 

CRI confirmed the RFI transmission with a CRI QSL card on 22 June 2012.

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