Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hong Kong VOLMET

Hong Kong VOLMET was logged on 16 May 2012.  A synthesized male voice speaking English repeatedly announced the temperature, dew point, visibility and surface wind speed for Hong Kong, Naha, Taipei, Gaoxiong, Manila, Mactan and Guangzhou. This was monitored from 19.15 to 19.20 UTC on  6.679 kHz USB/SSB. Reception  (SINPO) was 45554 -- excellent reception 

Reception report was emailed. Within a few hours the following message was received from Daniel K.C. Yeung, Director of the Hong Kong Observatory: 

" Nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your email regarding your report on Hong Kong VOLMET Broadcast. Your email has been referred to Mr. C.L. Leung, Chief Aeronautical Communications Supervisor of the Civil Aviation Department, who will also reply to your direct. We are pleased to be of service."

A confirmation letter from Mr. C.L. Leung arrived in the mail on 24 May 2012.


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