Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trans World Radio Europe (Germany and Austria)

TWR in Wertachtal, Germany
Trans World Radio (TWR) Europe was monitored on 13 April 2011  between 15.29-15.59 UTC on 9.440 kHz (transmitter site in Wertachtal Germany) and 11.700 kHz (transmitter site in Moosbrunn, Austria). Station interval was heard at 15.59 UTC followed by religious commentary in Armenian and instrumental music.

Signal (SINPO) on 11.700 kHz was 45444 - very strong and clear reception with slight fading; signal was much stronger on 9.440 kHz at 55545.

A reception report was submitted by email and mail. Kolman Dobos (see email address below) notified me by email that QSLs were on the way. QSLs arrived in a single envelop on 15 June 2011. 

TWR in Moosbrunn, Austria
TWR - Europe
Postfach 141
Vienna, Austria



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