Friday, April 29, 2011

Radio France Internationale

Radio France Internationale sent a letter acknowledging my reception report of 14 0ctober 2010 had been received, but no indication whether the report had been "confirmed". The letter also mentioned new English language broadcast times.  Along with the letter, I received a large Radio France Internationale sticker and English language times, frequencies and FM stations for Africa.


  1. Congrats on the blog. It has with lots of useful information and very entertaining reading. I like to read it occasionally to see updates that you are including.

    Regarding RFI if you wish to confirm the reception report QSL card should write to the TX-operator. The mailing address is:

    TDF-Radio Business Unit
    Short-wave Department
    106, Avenue Marx Dormoy
    92541 Montrouge Cedex


    Álvaro López Osuna (Granada-Spain)

  2. Hi Álvaro.

    Thank you very much for the address. I shall give RFI another go at this address in the future. Meanwhile I will post and share this address with other short-wave enthusiasts.