Since starting South East Asia DXing, many radio enthusiasts have contacted me enquiring about the email or postal addresses of specific broadcasters. I will usually  follow-up with an answer to their query. In most cases  the information is already noted in my blog entries, stating how I contacted and whether I QSLed the station. Generally, most stations will reply. In some cases, one needs to be more persistent and resourceful. Others are less responsive, even when I may have reliable contact information. 

To aid my fellow hobbyists, I have compiled a list of unresponsive broadcasters. These stations have neither replied to post nor email. Occasionally they have acknowledged messages submitted to their Facebook sites, but usually failed to follow-up. Some radio listeners have been more fortunate than I, and I certainly do not want to discourage anyone from trying their luck.

Some stations may require International Reply Coupons (IRCs). When IRCs are not available,  one or two US dollars to cover postage may be sent in the mail or through PayPal. This would be fine, except: (1) some postal departments in the world  no longer issue IRCs; (2) currency notes placed in an envelope are subject to theft and contravene postal laws in most countries; and (3) a PayPal account cannot be registered in countries where credit card fraud exists.

In recent years a select number of amateur radio operators employ  a QSL agent who will post a verification card for the respective HAM. While this is convenient and cost-efficient for these HAMS, it is impossible for listeners who fall within the aforementioned categories.

In most cases I refrain from sending IRCs or cash. PayPal until recent was a viable means of payment, but is no longer possible in most South East Asian countries. On those rare occasions when I have resorted to these methods, no QSL was ever received. I have heard similar stories from other radio enthusiasts, and again their nett result was zilch...nada. Again, some people have been more fortunate, and if it works for you,  go for it.

In all fairness to broadcasters in Africa and Papua New Guinea extenuating factors, i.e. either unreliable email and postal service, sporadic Internet service, political unrest, corruption, lack of funding or disinterest to acknowledge listeners, contribute to their inability to send a QSL card, eQSL or Letter of Verification.

The following broadcasters have not replied to me since 2010:

- Radio Algerienne (only TéléDiffusion de France - TDF replies)
- Radio Djibouti
- Voice of Broad Masses in Eritrea
- Dimtsi Woyane Tigray in Ethiopia
- Radio Fana in Ethiopia
- Radio Ethiopia (No QSL in recent years)
- Radio Libya (no reliable contact details)
- La Voix du Sahel-Niamey in Niger
- Radio Rwanda (Promised QSL, but did not follow-up)
- RTV Tunisia
- Radio Uganda
- Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar / Sauti ya Tanzania Zanzibar (Post and email have been to no avail)
- Radio Zimbabwe

- Voice of Armenia (Only broadcasters using transmitters in Armenia reply)
- Voice of Tajikistan (Only from broadcasters using transmitters in Tajikistan reply)
- Radio Kyrgyzstan
- Radio  Payam-e-Doost in Kishinev-Grigoriopol, Moldova (Only Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr verifies)

- Radio Rossii (Only Taldom-Moscow replies, not their affiliate stations)
- Broadcast Belgium
- IRRS Milano-NEXUS (QSLs occasionally)
- BBC (No longer QSL directly; some relay sites do QSL)

Super Radio Deus e Amor in Brazil

- Radio Bahrain (difficult to QSL, but after many attempts I received an eQSL)
- Radio Riyadh / Saudi Broadcasting Corporation in Saudi Arabia (No longer QSLs)
- Radio Sana'a in Yemen (promised to send QSL card, but never received)

- Beibu Bay Radio (Only CRI has confirmed)
- China National Radio (Only CRI has confirmed)
- People's Broadcasting Stations (Only CRI has confirmed)
- Voice of Jinling in People's Republic of China
- North Korea Reform Radio in South Korea (Only acknowledged with a greeting card)
- Korean Military National Defense Radio in South Korea
- Free Radio Korea in South Korea
- Echo of Hope in South Korea

- All India Radio (Gorakhpur)
- All India Radio (Leh)
- All India Radio (Cuttack)  
- All India Radio (Guwahati)

- Radio Republik Indonesia Kendari, Sulawesi (QSL letter issued on by RRI-VOI director in Jakarta)
- Radio Republik Indonesia Makassar, Sulawesi (QSL letter issued on by RRI-VOI director in Jakarta)
- Radio Republik Indonesia Fak-Fak (QSL letter issued on by RRI-VOI director in Jakarta)
- Radio Republik Indonesia Wamena, Papua Barat (QSL letter issued on by RRI-VOI director in Jakarta)
- Radio Republik Indonesia Madiun (QSL letter issued on by RRI-VOI director in Jakarta)
- Radio Republik Indonesia Ternate, Muluku (QSL letter issued on by RRI-VOI director in Jakarta)
- NBC-Radio Southern Highlands, PNG
- NBC-Radio West New Britain, PNG
- NBC-Radio West Sepik, PNG
- NBC-Radio Madang, PNG
- NBC-Radio Manus, Lorengau PNG
- NBC-Radio New Ireland, PNG (after many attempts, an eQSL was received)
- Singapore (BBC Kranji no longer QSLs)
- Thailand (All MW stations contacted except relay site used by IBB)
- Radio Free Malaysia (No direct reply, nor from Radio Taiwan International)
- Radio Free Sarawak (QSLed only when station began and Bruno Fronds Organisation)
- Radio Free Kenyalang

UTILITY (Aviation)
- Jakarta Radio
- Manila Radio

- 9V1YC in Singapore (Available only through QSL agent)

WEB-RADIO (Internet)
- Radio Bayrak International in Turkish Rupublic of Cyprus (no reply)
- Nord Deutschland Rundfund 1 in Niedersachsen (QSLs only radio broadcasts)
- Radio Luxembourg (QSLs only radio broadcasts)
- Radio Cambridge in UK (QSLs only radio broadcasts)
- British Forces Radio Broadcasting in Falklands (no reply)


  1. Hi, in 2014 RTT Tunis has sent a QSL as PPC-letter. (heard 06.02.2014 / 963 kHz) / VS was Miss Donia Chaouch "La directrice".
    My QTH is Strasshof, in the Eastern part of Austria. Best Greetings, Harald
    Harald Suess, A-2231 Strasshof / mailto:adxbsuess@aon.at

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