Monday, April 4, 2011

Radio Portugal International - Lisbon

Radio Portugal International in Lisbon, Portugal was monitored on 9.820 kHz from 20.00-22.00 UTC on 3 April 2011. Signal was very strong with slight interference from CRI after 21.00 UTC. Normally the transmission time is 20.00-21.00 UTC, but was extended due to  football coverage of the Argentina vs Brazil match.

I logged this broadcast after receiving an e-mail notifying me of RTP's current transmission frequencies and times, effective from 31 March 2011 onward. In response to their e-mail I submitted the above reception report  by e-mail to paula.teixeira @ and mail.

POSTSCRIPT (14 May 2011):
QSL card received in the mail today, along with a letter mentioning possible and temporary suspension of short-wave service. Programme schedule for 2011 was included as well.

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