Sunday, April 1, 2018

Radio Taiwan International Retrospective

Radio Free China, now Radio Taiwan International (RTI), was one of those rare North Asia stations to be received in the western United States in the early 1970s. Actually, most Asian stations were prized catches for me. And Radio Free China in the Republic of China (Taiwan) was one of them.

When I picked up the hobby again in 2010, Radio Taiwan International was more readily received owing to my location in South East Asia. Reception from Fangliano, Kouhu, Lukang, Minhsiung,  Paochung, Tamsui and Tainan is not uncommon on both medium-wave and short-wave. Even relayed transmissions from Issoudun (France), Dhabbaya (UAE) and Skelton and Woofferton (UK) have been received as well. The lone exception is from the WRMI facility in  Okeechobee (USA). Additionally, clandestine and religious broadcasters have been heard RTI transmitter sites.

RTI broadcasts their programmes in various languages, and I have been fortunate to receive particularly verifications from their Chinese, English, French, German and Indonesian language departments. Over the past decade many QSL cards, calendars and other souvenirs have made their way to my letterbox. Some of these were the result of special German language -and National Day broadcasts.

Radio Taiwan International is one the few remaining broadcasters whose programming I tune into to just to catch. I truly enjoy their content, be it in English, German or Indonesian -- three language I either speak or have a passable understanding.

Hopefully in this age of government budget cuts to radio, RTI will remain on the medium-wave and short-wave bands.

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