Friday, April 20, 2018

Radio Pakistan (Islamabad and Peshawar)

Radio Pakistan (Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation) via  their medium-wave transmitter sites in Islamabad (585 kHz) and Peshawar (540 kHz) radiated well beyond Pakistan into central West Malaysia, on 22 January 2018. Reception on both frequencies was observed after 18.35 UTC until 19.05 UTC. Signal strength gradually improved and programming was best heard from 18.50 UTC onward. Reception on 540 kHz (Peshawar) was (SINP0) 34322-- fair signal strength, clear audio content, with occasional audio despite atmospheric noise. Reception on 585 kHz (Islamabad) was (SINPO) 34332 -- fair signal strength, initially some co-frequency from a regional station in Southeast Asia when signal faded. Signal gained strength after 18.50 UTC. HERE and HERE is PBC Islamabad and HERE is PBC Peshawar.

Reception report was emailed to various personnel at PBC on the following day and subsequent months, Reception report was also posted in January 2018 as well. This particular verification was "Confirmed" by the Director of News and Current Affairs for Radio Pakistan, Mr. Javed Khan Jadoon. Inasmuch as one of the above audio files contains a clip of the news and station ID, it was verified by email on 21 April 2018. This PPC design, if one may permit, is based on a previous eQSL received from PBC. Thank you very much for this verification!

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