Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Adventist World Radio / Spaceline (Kostinbrod)

Adventist World Radio via Spaceline (Kostinbrod, Bulgaria) was received on 10 April 2018, from 15.59 till 16.30 UTC. An English language broadcast, intended primarily for South Asia, contained a number of contemporary Christian themed songs, religious sermons and nature study about the religious symbolism of the poinsettia. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 11.950 kHz was heard under good conditions, rating a SINPO of 55444 -- strong signal, clear audio despite an occasional fluttering fade. HERE is an excerpt of this AWR broadcast from Malaysia.

Reception report was email to Spaceline, AWR India abd AWR Asia on the following day. An eQSL from Spaceline arrived on 11 April 2018, as well as sn email from AWR India promising a QSL card.


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