Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Logbook for 26 March till 3 April 2018

Liaoning PBS in Shenyang Sub-Provincial City was heard on 3 April 2018, from 16.35 till 17.05 UTC, on the medium-wave frequency of  1089 kHz. Reception rated a SINPO of 33543 -- fair to good signal strength, clear audio when not fading and mixing with an unknown co-frequency station. News and music in Chinese was observed within this time period.

Voice of America via Lampertheim was received on the short-wave frequency of 9.820 kHz. A Kurdish language programme was observed on 2 April 2018, from 19.30 until 20.00 UTC. Reception rated a SINP0 of 34433 - fair signal strength and clear audio despite fading under atmospheric noise. Talk and music in Kurdish was observed during this time. HERE is an excerpt from VOA Kurdish.

Radio Japan via Yamata was observed on 3 April 2018, from 11.00 until 11.30 UTC. A Russian language programme of news, current event feature and programme about traditional Japanese theatre was heard on the the short-wave frequency of 7.355 kHz. Reception raded a SINP0 of 44544 - good signal strength and audio clarity despite slight fading. HERE's the Russian Service of NHK World Radio Japan.

Radio Kuwait was received on the short-wave frequency of 15.515 kHz with SINP0 of 44444 -- good signal strength, slight station splatter and fading. An Arabic language programme consisting of Arabic music, interviews, radio drama, azan and Quran recitation  was observed on 26 March 2018, from 08.10 until 09.00 UTC.  HERE is an excerpt from this Radio Kuwait broadcast.

Limbang FM - Radio Tawau via Kajang transmitter site was observed from 04.10 till 04.35 UTC (12.10 till 12.35 PM, Malaysia Time), on 29 March 2018. During this period of reception on 11.665 kHz the SINPO was 55555 -- exception audio, clarity, and strength. This mostly Bahasa Malaysia broadcast featured Sarawak and Malaysia singers, frequent IDs between songs with jingles, advertisements/promos and run down of upcoming programmes for the day. HERE is an excerpt from Radio Tawau.

Radio Malaysia - Sarawak FM was observed from 18.20 till 18.50 UTC (02.20 till 02.50 AM, Malaysia Time)), on 26 March 2018 (27 March 2018, Malaysia Date). During this period of reception on 11.665 kHz rated a SINPO of 34443 -- good signal strength despite slight fading, atmospheric noise and initially some station splatter from an adjacent station. Malay pop songs, promos and frequent IDs were observed. HERE is Sarawak FM.

Radio Taiwan International via Paochung was received on the short-wave frequency of 9.405 kHz. An English language programme consisting of news, This Day in History and Here in Taiwan was observed on 29 March 2018, from 16.00 until 16.35 UTC. Reception initially rated a SINP0 of 44334 -- good strength, audible and clear content despite some fading and atmospheric noise. Conditions worsened after 16.15 UTC with signal fading occasionally under the noise and making it difficult to  hear programme content clearly.

Vatican Radio via Santa Maria di Galeria was observed on 31 March 2018, from 18.35 until 19.05  UTC. Their special Easter broadcast was received on the short-wave frequency of 9.710 kHz while staying in Putrajaya, near Kuala Lumpur. A French/Latin/Italian language programme of prayers, sermons, readings from the Bible and commentary/translation was heard during the above stated time. SINP0 was 45433 -- good signal strength and clarity despite some atmospheric noise and fading.

Voice of Vietnam
in Hanoi was received on 25 March 2018, from 23.30 until 23.58 UTC. An English language programme of news and their regular feature  "Sunday Show" was observed. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 9.840 kHz was SINP0 54544 -- good signal strength, clear audio, despite occasional fading.

RX: Sangean ATS-909 (MW) / Degen DE-1102 and Tecsun S-2000 (SW) ANT: 1/4 wave and whip (SW) / Loop and ferrite rod (MW) QTH: Subang Jaya and Putrajaya, Malaysia

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