Friday, April 6, 2018

Logbook for 7 April 2018

China broadcasters dominated the 60 meter band, overshadowing the ever  present All India Radio stations and Bangladesh Betar. Notable stations included Voice of Beibu Bay - Nanning (5.055 kHz), Voice of Strait - Fuzhou (4.900 and 4.940 kHz), China National Radio - Geermu (4.800 kHz) and China Tibet Broadcasting - Lhasa (4.905 and 4.920 kHz). Also observed was Echo of Hope - Seoul on (4.885 kHz). Exceptionally strong signals under good conditions were observed between 15.30 till 16.20 UTC for much of the time, certainly stronger than All India Radio and Bangladesh Betar. 

Check out the audio clips of these broadcasters, as logged in central West Malaysia, using a Tecsun S-2000 coupled to an external 1/4 wave aerial.

Voice of Beibu Bay - Nanning

Voice of Strait - Fuzhou

China National Radio - Geermu

China Tibet Broadcasting - Lhasa

Echo of Hope - Seoul

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