Saturday, April 14, 2018

Radio New Zealand Pacific

Radio New Zealand Pacific was logged on 12 April 2018, from 13.30 till 14.00 UTC. An English language broadcast of current event reports, contemporary pop music and news was observed for the duration. Unfortunately reception on 5.980 kHz was terribly disappointing, but then for the Pacific region it is probably for appropriate. In any case, SINP0 in my quarter of South East Asia rated 23432 -- weak but audible signal, occasionally discernible content despite a noisy transmitter, a bit of fading and some station splatter. Signal continued to be received up until sign-off (16.00 UTC). albeit with not much improvement. HERE is Radio New Zealand Pacific with Harry Nilsson tune "Everybody's Talking", time pips, station ID and news. 

Reception report was submitted online at Radio New Zealand's website and emailed on the same day. This eQSL -- sorry, no paper QSLs anymore from them -- was received on 15 April 2018.

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