Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Radio Taiwan International (via Baochung)

Radio Taiwan International, transmitting from Baochung (Taiwan), aired a 'live' broadcast of the 106th National Day festivities on 10 October 2017, from 02.00 till 03.00. RTI announcers Natalie Soh and John Van Trieste hosted this hour-long broadcast of speeches from  the President of Taiwan, foreign dignitaries and guests, as well as music by "Formosa Crew" UTC. Insomuch as this transmission targeted Southeast Asia, reception on 15.130 kHz rated a  SINPO of 55555 -- excellent on all accounts for the duration of the broadcast. HERE's an audio excerpt from this broadcast.

Reception report was emailed and submitted online on the same day. QSL card arrived in the mail on 25 October 2017.

Listeners who tuned in to this broadcast received an RTI souvenir -- a black-and-white tote bag, featuring RTI insignia and microphones over the ages. 


  1. Hi, this is nice blog and beautiful hobby. I just got into this hobby. Would you mind to post some pictures of your reception report. I have no clue, how it suppose to be. I just would like to see the real report. I appreciate your help. Jon

    1. Usually I send a cover letter with a RECEPTION REPORT
      Station: Radio Taiwan International

      TX location: Taipei, Taiwan

      RX location: Subang Jaya, Malaysia

      Date: 10 October 2017

      Time monitored: 02.00 till 03.00 UTC

      Frequency: 15.130 kHz

      SINPO: 55555 - excellent on all accounts

      Programme content of English/Mandarin language broadcast :
      02.00 - Station ID announcing 106th National Day broadcast to Southeast Asia on 15.130 kHz and Internet to the world, hosted by Natalie Soh and John Van Trieste. Speech by a Missionary addressed many accomplishments of the nations, including Taiwanese athletes, military, environmentalism, financial successes etc. Speech was in Mandarin, Taiwanese and indigenous dialect.
      02.10 - Tuvalu Prime Minister and wife were introduced, followed by a speech from Taiwanese doctor in the biotech industry living in Florida (who represented overseas Taiwanese)
      02.20 - "Formosa Crew" provided a song and dance performance while Natalie and John discussed events going on around Taiwan to celebrate National Day
      02.28 - Taiwan national anthem, followed by speech from President of Taiwan. She addressed anti-drug campaign in Taiwan, the Taiwanese military, private sector, Taiwan's business and cultural activities in Southeast Asia, thanked Taiwan's allies, peaceful ties with mainland China, among other matters. Natalie translated her speech.
      02.52 - Summary of speech by Taiwanese president, martial music played in background while announcers discussed Taiwan's revolution and formation of the nation by Dr. Sun Yat Sen
      02.57 - Closure announcements of RTI, followed by Taiwanese pop songs performed by male singer
      03.00 - Transmission ended

      Receiver used: Degen DE-1102

      Aerial: whip antenna