Wednesday, October 4, 2017

ABC Local Radio Capricornia / 4QD (Queensland)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC Local Radio Capricornia / 4QD) in  Emerald, Queensland was logged on the medium-wave frequency of 1548 kHz. The programme "Overnights" with Trevor Chappell was observed from 17.15 till 18.00 UTC. on 4 October 2017. SINPO rated a 24332 -- fair to poor signal strength when not fading under and mixing with possible Philippine station. Audio content was discernible whenever signal peaked at its strongest level. Reception quality worsened after 17.50 UTC, at which point signal was too weak and increased mixing with Philippine station. HERE's how Radio Capricornia / 4QD sounded in Malaysia.

Reception report was emailed to ABC Local (Emerald) and  Radio Master Control for ABC, Graham Himmelhoch-Mutton. On 5 October 2017, Mr. Himmelhoch-Mutton confirmed with an email, which I then converted to a PPC with Emerald landmark and ABC Capricornia logo. Thank you, Graham.

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