Thursday, October 12, 2017

Logbook for 11 - 13 October 2017

Radio Sawa / BBG
via Cap Greco was received  on the medium-wave frequency of 990 kHz, rating a SINPO of 24432 -- weak to fair signal strength, occasionally clear and discernible content whenever signal peaked (every two to three minutes). An Arabic language broadcast featuring news reports / discussion was heard from 17.25 till 17.45 UTC.

All India Radio Raipur (Akashvani Raipur) in Chhattisgarh was logged on on the medium-wave frequency of  981 kHz, between 17.10 till 17.35 UTC. Reception from 17.10 till 17.20 UTC rated a SINPO of 23432 -- weak to fair signal with co-frequency interference from stations in Taiwan and China when not fading every few minutes. After 17.20 UTC, overpowering interference from Voice of Kuanghua (Taiwan) and possibly a broadcaster in China blocked reception of  AIR Raipur. Before 17.00 UTC, reception was impossible due to a Thai station. Content of programming consisted of possibly Indian folk song, performed by a female singer. HERE's AIR Raipur.

Radio Nikkei 1
, transmitting from Chiba-Nagara, was logged on the short-wave frequency of 3.925  kHz. A Japanese  language broadcast with Electronica and Japanese pop music was monitored from  14.15  till 14.45 UTC.  Reception rated a (SINPO) of 34333 -- poor to fair signal, occasionally clear audio despite atmospheric noise and occasional fading. HERE's a bit of Radio Nikkei I

Radio Thailand World Service (HSK9)
was received from 14.20 till 14.30 UTC (14.00 till 14.30 UTC), under excellent reception conditions with a SINPO of 55555 on 9.390 kHz. "Thailand Magazine" included reports about Genesis project, preparation of Thai athletes for Tokyo Olympics 2020,  Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development project, and late King Bhumibol Adulyadej's efforts to provide cloud seeding for Thai farmers. HERE's  Radio Thailand World Service.

 RX:  Sangean ATS-909 (MW); Degen DE-1102 (SW) ANT: internal ferrite rod (MW); long wire (SW) RX LOC: Kuala Lumpur

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