Friday, October 20, 2017

Chongqing PBS

 Chongqing PBS, News Service (Chóngqìng Rénmín Guǎngbō Diàntái, Xīnwén Pínlǜ) was logged on the medium-wave frequency of 1314 kHz. An all news broadcast was observed from 17.00 till 17.40 UTC, on 4 September 2017. SINPO 23322 - weak to fair signal with momentary peaks of clear audio, despite co-frequency interference from presumably Osaka Broadcasting Corporation (Japan). By 17.30 UTC, Chongqing PBS dominated the frequency. Before 17.00 UTC, Chongqing PBS signal was impossible hear due to a station in Thailand operating on the same frequency.

Reception report was emailed to CRI on the following day. CRI verified for PBS with a QSL card, which was received in the mail on 20 October 2017.

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