Monday, October 9, 2017

Logbook for 8 - 10 October 2017

in Kushiro  Prefecture was heard on the medium-wave frequency of 585 kHz, under poor but audible conditions, rating an overall SINPO of  14321. A Japanese language broadcast of continuous Japanese pop songs was observed from 19.15 till 20.00 UTC.

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, transmitting from the former DW relay site in Trincomalee, aired in their newly launched Tamil language broadcast to expats in the Middle East. Content of brodcast included mostly listener phone-ins and Tamil music from 17.40 till 18.01 UTC (broadcast time 1700 till 18.00 UTC). Reception on 11.835 kHz was fair, but not as good as previous broadcasts, owing to atmospheric noise and fading.

Radio Taiwan International had a special 106th National Day broadcast to Southeast Asia on 10 October 2017. Listened to speeches of dignitaries and music from 02.00 till 03.00 UTC. Reception on 15.130 kHz was excellent for the duration of the broadcast. HERE's an audio excerpt. 

Suspect Philippine station, but not absolutely certain, operating on the medium-wave frequency of 702 kHz. Continuous 80s Western pop music, without station IDs and advertisements/promos, was observed before and after 20.00 UTC. SINPO was 25432.

RX: Panasonic RF-45B (MW); DEGEN DE-1102 (MW/SW) ANT: ferrite rod, loop and/or long wire RX LOC: Kuala Lumpur

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