Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Radio Tirana

Radio Tirana, transmitting from Shijak (Albania) to Europe, was logged on 7 December 2016, under extremely poor conditions. Reception on 7.465 kHz registered a deplorable (SINPO) rating of 13421 -- weak signal, deep fading, mixing with utility transmission, but nevertheless audible in LSB mode, and only in SSB. Insomuch as this transmission was intended for Europe, it is only natural conditions were so poor.

In any event, an Italian language broadcast of contemporary Albanian pop music was observed in the last 15 minutes of their 30 minute programme, from 19.15 till 19.27 UTC (broadcast time 19.00 till 19.27 UTC). Two or three vocal songs were noted.

Reception report was emailed to various Radio Tirana personnel and the station itself. QSL card arrived in the mail on 24 December 2016.


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