Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gimpo Siren Jammer (South Korea)

Gimpo, South Korea
Gimpo Siren Jammer (South Korea), transmitting on 1053 kHz (MW), was logged here in Malaysia on 13 and 14 December 2016. Their signal rated a SINPO of 43423. While their transmission is designed to jam Pyongyang Broadcasting Station in Haeju (North Korea) -- a super-powered station rated at 1500 kW --  it was heard mixing with two Asian stations, one being a Chinese broadcaster at 12.20 UTC and possibly RRI Jayapura (Papua) at 13.30 UTC. Signal was prominent, although not a major disturbance, to the Chinese and Indonesian stations when it faded under. Transmission was observed from 12.20 UTC onward till 14.30 UTC. Additionally, at 19.30 UTC, a Thai station (possibly "Suan Misakawan" -- Monthon Thahaan Bok Thii Sip-Et in Bangkok) and another weaker Asian station (possibly JOAR in Nagoya, Japan) was received; at 22.20 UTC, no jamming was apparent, only an Asian broadcaster. 

This is one incredibly powerful transmitter for it to reach Kuala Lumpur -- a distance of 4,600 km!!!

HERE's an audio file of the Gimpo Siren Jammer.

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