Sunday, July 24, 2016

Radio Publique Africaine (via Issoudun)

Radio Publique Africaine (Burundi), transmitting from Issoudun (France)+, was received on 22 July 2016. This largely talk dominated format of news/current event reports about Burundi and local music was observed from 18.00 till 19.00 UTC. Kirundi service was noted in the first half hour, followed by French service in the latter half hour.

Reception on 15.480 kHz was initially (SINPO) 35433 -- fair signal strength, clear and audible speech, despite atmospheric noise and moderate fading. After 18.45 UTC, signal was barely audible and gradually faded under atmospheric noise. A terribly weak signal was still present at sign-off (19.00 UTC).

HERE is a nice selection of Burundi music heard over Radio Publique Africaine, as recorded in Malaysia.

Reception reports with audio files were emailed to Radio Publique Africaine and Télédiffusion de France (TDF)+ on the following day.


+Presumed to be Ludo Maes' BRB via TDF Issoudun site  

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