Monday, July 11, 2016

QSL in the Mail

This literature was received from Furusato No Kaze (Home Breeze), a short-wave radio service intended for Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea. This is one of  the avenues the Japanese government uses to inform her citizens and to remind the DPRK that Japan will not rest until her citizens are repatriated. To date, only a handful have been freed. Interestingly, this particular radio transmission originated from Palau Medorn (in the South Pacific), possibly to thwart jamming by the DPRK. Previous transmissions have originated from Yamata (Japan) and Taiwan. Generally, QSLs are not issued, yet their envelope stated "TNX FR YR QSL". Thank you, Furusato No Kaze. Best of luck in your efforts to free and repatriate Japanese citizens.

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