Monday, July 25, 2016

DZXL - AM [Radio Mindanao Network - "RMN News Manila"]

DZXL - AM [Radio Mindanao Network - "RMN News Manila"], transmitting from Taliptip, Bulacan Province (Philippines), was logged on 25 June 2016 (26 July 2016, PHT), from 20.05 till 20.35 UTC (04.05am till 04.35am PHT), here in the Kuala Lumpur area. A English/Filipino language broadcast entitled "State of the Nation" featured a series of news/current event reports, including one on "terrorismo" in Malaysia.

Reception of this purported 40-50kW station, operating on the medium-wave frequency of 558 kHz, was (SINPO) 35433 -- fair signal strength, clear audio, no co-frequency interference at the time logged, slight fading (every four to five minutes). This is not too shabby for a broadcast 2,469 km away!!!

Reception report was emailed to the station on the following day and subsequently posted.


DZXL - AM [Radio Mindanao Network]
4th Floor, Guadalupe Commercial Complex
EDSA Guadalupe,
Makati City NCR 1229


  1. Did you get a reply? PHL stations are very difficult in geting replies.