Monday, January 5, 2015

Voice of Turkey

Voice of Turkey in Emirler was received on 5 January 2015, during an English language broadcast from 21.30 till 22.20 UTC. World and Regional News, "Review of Turkish Press", "In the Heart of Nature", "A Page in History", "Eco-friendly Tips" and Turkish pop music was heard in this 50 minute broadcast.

Reception  on 9.610 kHz at 21.30 was (SINPO) 54544 -- excellent signal strength with slight, occasional fade. By 22.10 UTC, reception began to worsen. QRM from China Radio International on same frequency, atmospheric noise and fading increased, degrading Voice of Turkey's signal to SINPO of 23322. By 22.20 UTC, Voice of Turkey was barely audible.

Reception report was emailed on 5 January 2015. QSL card arrived on the mail on 6 February 2015


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