Monday, August 20, 2012

Voice of Jinling (via Nanjing)

Voice of Jinling, transmitting from Nanjing, China, was logged on 20 August 2012. A Chinese language broadcast of contporary jazz and Chinese pop tunes were heard from 16.35 to 17.04 UTC (broadcast time 14.40 to 17.04 UTC). Transmission was on  5.860 kHz. Reception (SINPO) during time monitored was 34443 -- fair signal strength with slight interference and minor fading, otherwise audible and clear.

Reception report was emailed shortly after their broadcast ended on the same day. I am sceptical about receiving any response from this or any station from mainland China, except China Radio International. All emails and posted letters to China Tibet Broadcasting, China National Radio, PBS regional stations, Voice of Fijian, Voice of Pujing and Voice of Beibu Bay have failed to elicit any response. Taiwan's various broadcasters have a better track record; generally they will QSL.


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  1. I have a beautiful QSL and promotional materials from China Tibet BC for my report on their "Holy Tibet" program in English. 73 from Bulgaria! It came in something about 3-4 months.