Friday, December 30, 2011

Deutsche Welle (via Ascension Island)

Deutsche  Welle transmitting via Ascension Island relay station to Africa was received on 31 December 2011. A Swahili language broadcast of news and news magazine reports was  monitored from 03.00 to 03.30 UTC (broadcast time 03.00 to 04.00 UTC) on 9.800 kHz. Reception (SINPO) at sign-on was 15221 -- weak signal strength, hampered by mostly atmospheric noise, otherwise speech was audible and not always clear.  Reception worsened to 15111 after 03.20 UTC due to increased atmospheric noise and unintelligible speech. By 03.30 UTC signal dissolved  into static and was virtually inaudible. 

Reception report was emailed and sent online to DW. QSL card along with English language programme schedule, DW stickers and tote bag arrived in the mail on 20 January 2012.

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