Friday, December 30, 2011

Bangkok Meteorological Radio

Bangkok Meteorological Radio in Thailand was logged on 4 December 2011. The station was monitored from 04.10 to 04.32 UTC on 8.743 KHz in USB/SSB. Reception (SINPO) was 45544 -- excellent signal strength with no interference and only slight fading. Broadcast entailed station interval signal, frequencies stated, followed by weather report for Thailand, station ID, frequencies and address in English by a female announcer. This was repeated in Thai.

Reception report was submitted by email. At least a half dozen previous reception reports by mail, on-line and email went unanswered. The lesson here is to persevere and try different means to deliver your message. In the last email, I attached a sound file of the station's broadcast. QSL and QSL letter arrived in the mail on 30 December 2011. Email address and street address is printed on these documents for anyone wishing to submit a reception report to this utility station in Thailand.

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