Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Logbook for 19 December 2017

ÀIR Delhi (Hyderbad), 7.420 kHz, SINPO 35322 -- atmospheric disturbance mixed with fading, otherwise clear and audible signal, 02.50 UTC with news/commentary in English

NHK World Radio Japan (Yamata), 15.195 kHz, SINPO 55444 -- some atmospheric disturbance for an otherwise good signal, 03.15 UTC with programming in Japanese

Republic of Yemen Radio (Jeddah?), 11.860 kHz, SINPO 34433 -- mixing with PBS Xizang, 03.05 UTC with Islamic programming in Arabic, 19 Dec 2017. 

Radio Thailand (Udonthani),  13.745 kHz, SINPO 45444, 03.15 UTC with Thai pop songs and Thai language programming

RX: Degen DE-1102  ANT: long wire aerial QTH: Kuala Lumpur

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