Thursday, December 14, 2017

Logbook for 10 - 13 December 2017

Italian Broadcasting Corporation
via Yerevan Gavar, logged at 19.00 UTC onward with station interval, frequent IDs/jingles in Italian, the programme "Panorama Onde Corte", "La Radiotelegraphi Marittima" and Italian pop music. Reception on 5.845 kHz rated a SINPO of 55444. HERE is IBC at sign on.

Reach Beyond Australia
in Kununurra, Western Australia was logged at 14.58 UTC with station ID in English, just before the station signed off. Reception on 11.900 kHz rated a  SINPO of 45544. HERE's the station just before it ended transmission.

Bible Voice Broadcasting
via Nauen was heard with Arabic programming from 15.00 UTC, on 11.790 kHz.  HERE's a audio excerpt from this BVB broadcasr.

DZRV-AM / Radio Veritas Philippines / Global Broadcasting System
in Manila was onbserved on the medium-wave frequency of 846 kHz with SINPO of 34323. Uninterrupted Filipino Christmas music was heard from 18.00 UTC and well after 19.00 UTC. HERE's how DZRV sounded.

via Kranji was received at 10.45 UTC with in depth news reports on Chinese surveillance cameras and the senatorial candidates in the impending Alabama election. Reception on 6.195 kHz was SINPO 55555.

Voice of Vietnam
via Hanoi was heard on the shortwave frequency of 9.840 kHz, under good conditions with a SINPO of 54554. News, Current Affairs and Society Segment was observed from 10.00 till 10.27  UTC.

RX: Tecsun S-2000 and Degen DE-1102 (SW); Sangean ATS-909 (MW) ANT: 1/4 wave and long wire (SW); internal ferrite rod (MW) QTH: Kuala Lumpur

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