Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Logbook on 4 January 2017

Radio Taiwan International  Indonesian Service via Paochung was logged at 10.30 UTC on 11.600 kHz and rated a SINPO of 55555. Selection of pop tunes, including ABBA's "Happy New Year" and a feature on the MyDin Hypermarket. At 11.00 UTC, RTI English Service to South East Asia followed.

Radio New Zealand International, out of Rangitaiki,  was heard with a contemporary jazz programme at 10.30 UTC. Reception on 9.765 kHz rated a SINPO of 35543.

NHK World - Radio Japan via Yamata was heard in Japanese on their long-standing frequency of 11.815 kHz, with an excellent SINPO rating of 55555 at 10.15 UTC.

FEBC Asia,  transmitting from Bocaue (Philippines), presented an Evangelical Christian programme in the Lu language at 10.30 UTC. Transmission was observed near the end of the 25 meter band on 12.095 kHz, and it rated a SINPO of 45444.

Radio Australia at the  Shepparton site was received on 12.065 kHz with a SINPO of 45554. A programme on a community for senior citizens was observed at around 10.30 UTC.

All India Radio Najibabad (Akashvani Najibabad) in Bijnor District, Uttar Pradesh (India) was heard between 17.15 till 17.40 UTC. Classical/devotional Indian music, followed by news in English and Hindi, then station ID just before sign-off was observed. Overall reception on the medium-wave frequency of 954 kHz rated a (SINPO) of 33423 -- fair signal, clear audio when not fading (every 3 minutes) and interference from Sathaanii Witthayu Krajaisiang Thahaan Aakaat (Thai Air Force Radio Station) in Phitsanulok Province

UNID station was heard on the medium-wave frequency of 954 kHz and rated a SINPO of 54535. A selection of non-stop, possibly Indonesian, instrumental music was noted from 18.00 UTC and well after 18.30 UTC. A much weaker Asian station, either TBS Radio - JOKR (in Japan) or Chien Kuo Broadcasting Station (in Taiwan), was noted when this stronger station faded out.

Zhejiang PBS, Zhejiang News Radio "Cutting Edge 988" Gouzhuang Town, Zhejiang Province (China) was received on 1530 kHz. A weak signal with SINPO of 24422 was detected from 17.55 UTC till 18.05 UTC. Chinese pop music and time pips (similar to most Chinese stations), followed by station ID was heard at the top of the hour. Before 17.00 UTC, a Thai station -- presumably Witthayu Prajaam Thin (Local Radio, Communications Division, Army Signals Department) in Uttaradit Province (Thailand) was the dominant broadcaster.

Sapporo TV Hoso (STV Radio - JOWF), transmitting from Sapporo City, Hokkaido, (Japan), has been observed for a few months on the medium-wave frequency of 1440 kHz. Reception has been generally quite poor when not fading and buried in co-frequency interference from a much stronger station in Thailand. These factors, along with simply weak signal, have made it a difficult station to catch. Finally, around 20.00 till 20.15 UTC (05.00 till 05.15, Japan Time) a friendly and lively conversatioon between a man and woman in Japanese was heard, just barely breaking above atmospheric noise to rate an overall SINPO of 25431.

Receivers used: Tecsun S-2000 and Sangean ATS-909. Antenna: 1/4 wave and MW loop. RX location: Central West Malaysia

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