Thursday, January 19, 2017

ABC Sydney (Station 2BL)

ABC Sydney (Station 2BL), transmitting from Prestons, New South Wales (Australia), was received on the medium-wave frequency of 702 kHz. The programmes "Overnights" with Rod Quinn and ABC National News & Weather was heard from 18.04 till 19.05 UTC. Interestingly, one of the topics Mr. Quinn  discussed with his listeners included tales of shark attacks. Signature ABC News jingle was noted at the top of the hour and read by a female announcer.

Reception throughout this period rated a paltry SINPO of 24321. Station 2BL's signal was weak and suffered from occasional atmospheric noise and scratchy static burst from a local thunderstorm. Signal faded in and out approximately every two to three minutes, sometimes with discernible content.  Transmission was detected as early as 17.15 UTC, but it was barely audible on an otherwise clear frequency.

HERE is an audio clip of 2BL recorded around 18.58 UTC.

Reception report was emailed to various contacts and mailed days after initial reception. This particular eQSL was confirmed by veri-signer, Graham Himmelhoch-Mutton, on 19 Januaty 2017. A follow-up email verification from ABC was received on 27 March 2017. 
Follow-up email verification
Original email

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