Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Voice of Turkey

Voice of Turkey, transmitting from  Emirler (Turkey), was logged on 12 October 2016. An English language broadcast of news about Turkey and the region was heard, which was rather interesting when one considers the current events in this part of the world. Additionally, the programmes "Turkish Press in Review", "Question of the Month", "Turkey in a Nutshell", "Loads of Fairy Tales" as well as Turkish contemporary music were observed from 16.30 till 17.25 UTC.

Reception on 15.520 kHz was (SINPO) at sign-on was 35433 -- fair to good signal and minor fading. hen Gradually over the next 30 minutes transmission improved. By 17.00 UTC, signal peaked at 55545.
Reception report was emailed and submitted online on the following day. QSL card arrived in mail on 7 December 2016.

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