Sunday, October 16, 2016

Radio Orion 2000*

Radio Orion 2000*, a free radio station (pirate) operating from northern Germany, was logged on 16 October 2016. German station IDs between a selection of classic pop tunes, including "Roy Orbison - "You Got It", Manfred Mann - "Pretty Flamingo", The Contours - "Do You Love Me", The Searchers - "Sweets for My Sweet", John Fred & His Playboy Band - "Judy in the Sky", Tommy Roe - "Dizzy" and similar seminal oldies was monitored from 14.35 till 15.00 UTC.

Reception on 6.388 kHz from this home-brew DDS transmitter with 250 watts pa, linked to a dipole antenna, was (SINPO) 34443 -- good signal strength and audio, slight fade and occasional utility interference. 

Reception report was sent and eQSL along with pennant was received promptly within a few hours apart, all on the same day.


*Transmission was received from remote SDR receiver at the University of Twente (The Netherlands)

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