Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Radio Payam - IRIB

Radio Payam - IRIB, transmitting from their 300 kW site in Tehran (Iran), was logged on 18 March 2016, from 19.00 till 19.35 UTC. A selection of mostly Iranian music, moderated by a male announcer speaking Farsi, was observed. Reception on the medium-wave frequency of 1188 kHz was (SINPO) 25321 - poor to weak signal, faint audio when not fading under atmospheric noise. Receiver used was a Sangean ATS-909 with MW loop antenna.

Reception report along with an audio file was emailed on the following day, 19 March 2016. Four days later Arezou Radd for IRIB English Radio emailed, saying: "Springy and warm greetings from IRIB English Radio. In confirmation of your reception report, I will send you a QSL card and a certificate donated by IRIB English Radio..." QSL card from IRIB received on 16 August 2016, after a follow-up email.

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