Wednesday, March 23, 2016

QSL in the Mailbox: Radio Slovakia International

 Although Radio Slovakia International can no longer be heard on short-wave from Bratislava, it is great to know the station is alive and well. Equally important, it's nice that RSI can be heard  on the Internet, Radio 700 and  WRMI, as the case was for this verification. Thank you, Radio Slovakia International!

 QSL from RSI via Bratislava, 2007


  1. Not only in internet and by WRMI, but also several times a day in English, German and French on Shortwave 6005, 7310 and 3985 kHz (via Kall, Germany) and last but not least direct from Bratislava, if you once should be there on FM 98.9 MHz. Radio Slovakia International is a very friendly station. When I was in Bratislava a few years ago I took the chance to visit them in their pyramide.

  2. You're absolutely right. I forgot to mention their broadcasts relayed from Radio 700, which they have and will verify as well.