Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Two QSLs from India

Spectrum Management  appears to be a much more efficient organisation in responding to reception reports than in past years. This year alone I have obtained QSLs from long-sought after All India Radio (AIR) stations transmitting from Port Blair, Kurseong and Jaipur. And, just today I received confirmation for AIR stations transmitting from Chennai and Hyderabad. Thank you, Spectrum Management!!!

Anyone wishing to acquire QSLs for AIR stations, generally heard on the tropical bands, now is a good time. Spectrum Management is responding to correct reception reports with accompanying  audio files of the respective AIR station(s). I for one will certainly be submitting more reports; there are at least a half dozen more AIR stations received in Malaysia, yet to be QSLed.

Happy DXing!!!

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