Tuesday, September 1, 2015

QSL from Yodobashi Church (HCJB Japan)

A few days ago I received a QSL card from Yodobashi Church (HCJB Japan). This verification card is certainly nothing new to Japanese listeners, but for me personally it was a first. I had made a previous attempt to obtain their verification after listen to their programme over Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) or "Kochirawa HCJB”, transmitting from Kununurra (Australia). Finally on my second attempt, I succeeded with a reception report dated on 18 April 2015. Along with this QSL crad I received a nice note apologising for the delay in posting their QSL to me. Incidentally, Yodobashi Church (HCJB Japan) sends out a different QSL card each month. This one is for April 2015. Thank you very much, Kochirawa HCJB!

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