Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Broadcast Schedule for BBC World Service - British Antarctic Survey (BAS) 2015

BBC World Service - British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Annual Broadcast to BAS staff in Antarctica on midwinter's day will be 21 June 2015, 21.30 to 22.00 UTC. This date marks the longest, darkest day in the Antarctic, during which the BBC will play music requests and send special messages to the BAS team.

The British Antarctic Survey is the UK’s national Antarctic operator, and has for the past 60 years been responsible for most of the UK’s scientific research in the Antarctica. Based in Cambridge, UK, BAS operates four research stations throughout the year in the Antarctic, including Bird Island, South Georgia; King Edward Point, Cumberland Bay, South Georgia; Rothera, Adelaide Island; and Halley, Coats Land.

 - 5.905 kHz - DHA (Dhabbaya, U.A.E. ) 250 kW/ 203 deg to Antarctica
 - 5.985 kHz - WOF (Woofferton) 250 kW/ 207 deg to Antarctica
 - 9.590 kHz - WOF (Woofferton, U.K.) 250 kW/ 182 deg to Antarctica

UPDATE - 20 June 2015!!!
Transmission may not be received in South East Asia (Malaysia).
- 5.905 kHz is clear, so maybe.
- 5.985 kHz (5.983 kHz) conflicts with presumably Myanmar Radio or UNID Asian station.
- 9.590 kHz conflicts with PBS Xizang.

UPDATE - 21 June 2015!!!
- 9.590 kHz was inaudible due to strong QRM from PBS Xizang.
- 5.985 kHz was (SINPO) 24342 at 21.30 UTC. However, at around 21.35 UTC strong QRM from UNID Asian station overwhelmed this frequency and transmission was inaudible.
- 5.905 kHz was the only audible signal after 21.35 UTC, and even then it was weak and barely heard with a (SINPO) rating of 15341, best received in USB.

HERE is a sound file of the broadcast monitored in central Malaysia, using the frequency 5.985 kHz via Woofferton at 21.30 UTC.

HERE is the QSL email received in 2014.

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