Saturday, December 6, 2014

Free Radio Log for 6 December 2014

A little more than a half dozen free radio stations were logged on 6 December 2014 from Twente, the Netherlands. While known email addresses were used for the submission of reception reports, a sizable number of stations (from previous logs) have not replied with their QSL. Fellow DXers of these stations, logged at the same time, have met with varying degrees of success. Why the discrepancy? I have no idea. There seems to be no rhyme  nor reason. 

Radio Delta International (Technical Man) //  The Netherlands // 15.05 to 15.30 UTC // 6.295 kHz // SINPO 54444 -- excellent signal, despite utility QRM and slight fading // Dutch and German songs with IDs in Dutch. Later in the broadcast a medley of Johnny Cash songs was heard.

Radio Europe // Italy // 09.35 to 10.00 UTC // 6.875 kHz // SINP0 14321 - poor to weak signal and fading,  music audible but very noisy conditions  due to atmospheric QRN // Hard rock, funky dance track and Eminem were observed between stations IDs.

Radio King Shortwave  //  08.00 to 08.30 UTC // 6.205 kHz // SINPO 24322 - weak signal, barely audible occasionally due to fading and severe atmospheric noise // A selection of songs, including The Beatles - "It's Only A Northern Song",  Stevie Nicks - "You Can Talk to Me", Renaissance - "Northern Lights" with occasional IDs in English was noted.

Radio Marabu // Germany // 16.00 UTC onward // 6.239 or 6.240 kHz // SINPO 44434 // Alternative music mix.

UNID // after 15.30 UTC // 6.940 and 6.925 kHz // SINPO 54544 -- occasional utility QRM which prompted retuning // Mostly dance / techno music was heard.

UNID (Etherfreak?) // 15.55 to 16.05 UTC // 6.285 kHz // SINPO 34333 // Music and IDs in English, mention of a listener in Moscow, and intent to close down.

*Logged using remote SDR receiver at University of Twente, the Netherlands

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