Friday, December 26, 2014

Calendars 2015

KBS World Radio 

EVERY YEAR I receive at least a handful of colourful calendars from radio stations located around the world. Some depict cultural highlights. Others display national landmarks and panoramic sites. And a few may emphasize something totally, uniquely different, like the dramatic television shows featured in the 2015 calendar from KBS World.

Voice of Vietnam 
Not only are calendars one of the best ways to promote tourism of a country, they also serve to remind listeners to tune in to the country's national broadcaster. It doesn't matter how the calendars are presented, whether it is desktop, wall or flip, every day, every month, one takes notice of it.

Over the years radio stations have posted to me some truly memorable calendars. I recall particularly the 1972 Deutsche Welle calendar. DW promoted the '72 Munich Olympics with a flip calendar of artwork portraying the various sporting events. The Voice of Turkey in another year gifted me with a cloth wall calendar showing an Ottoman court image. Radio Canada International issued one with iconic images of their country -- Canadian Mounties,  maple trees in a blaze of autumn colour.

How does one go about getting a calendar from a radio station? In most cases a reception report or two during the past year will earn you not only a QSL card, but place one's address in the station's database. And if you're lucky enough, the station will mail a calendar and few other souvenirs to you. Voice of America used to promote their calendar on air. All a listener had to do was request one.

There's still time. Email a reception report to your favorite station, today. Wait a month or so, and see what the postman delivers.

Happy listening in 2015!!! 

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