Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Voice of Mongolia

Voice of Mongolia in Ulaan Baator was logged on 7 May 2014. After a long absence their English language broadcast was finally heard from 09.09 to 09.30 UTC. While reception on 12.085 kHz was less than desired, it was sufficiently audible despite two glaring problems -- atmospheric noise and noisy transmitter, earning a final SINPO rating of 23332.

HERE's how Voice of Mongolia sounded in the closing minutes of their English broadcast.

Voice of Mongolia presents half hour transmissions on a daily basis, including domestic news and various programs designed to provide various kinds of information about Mongolia. The nation’s development, nature, history, culture, arts, traditions and customs, as well as unique folk and modern Mongolian music is presented. Such was the case on this hearing, most notably their current contest "Who Knows Mongolia Best?". 

Reception report was emailed the following day.

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