Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Echo of Europe (via Nauen)

Need news about Europe? Tune to Echo of Europe. EOE broadcasts 15 minutes of news related to European events, every Tuesday and Friday. They may be heard either on the short-wave frequency of 7.315 kHz or webcast from 18.30 to 18.45 UTC. Transmission originates from the Media Broadcast GmbH facility in Nauen, Germany with antenna array pointed towards southwestern Europe. While their signal is best received in the targeted area, it is possible to receive them elsewhere. 

Echo of Europe, although targeting Europe, was logged in Southeast Asia on Tuesday, 27 May 2014. A French language broadcast of news featured a discussion on European politics from 18.30 to 18.45 UTC. Transmission closed with brief instrumental music. Reception on 7.315 kHz was poor, yet audible with (SINPO) of 24331 -- weak signal, fading and atmospheric noise was observed on an otherwise clear frequency once CRI signed-off at 18.26 UTC. Had co-channel interference existed from another broadcaster their transmission would most probably have not radiated to this region of the world. 

Reception report was emailed and submitted on-line to Echo of Europe immediately after the transmission. An email from Echo of Europe  promised to mail a paper QSL. This was followed up with an email to Media Broadcast GmbH who sent an eQSL on the same day. QSL card and letter arrived in the mail from France on 5 June 2014.



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