Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (via Trincomalee)

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), transmitting from Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, was logged on 5  June 2013. The All Asia Service in English was monitored from 02.15 to 03.30 UTC. The broadcast contained  news on the hour and a mix of contemporary pop tunes. Reception on  9.770 kHz  at 02.15 UTC was (SINPO) 24221 -- poor signal strength, fading and barely audible except when signal peaked upward. At 03.14 UTC there was a suddenly surge of power and increased audio, improving reception to 34433. Signal dropped back down after a few minutes and  remained buried in static; audio was faint and unintelligible at sign-off. Reception was essentially poor throughout the broadcast. QRN is just too heavy for this time slot and frequency in South East Asia. The 19 and 25 meter bands are good during this period. In fact,  SLBC  on 11.905 kHz  was received at a pleasant (SINPO) 35443. 

To assess the quality of this transmission, click HERE.

A reception report was emailed on the same day to Victor Goonetilleke, the veri-signer for SLBC. This eQSL arrived on 8 June 2013.

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