Sunday, June 2, 2013

PCJ Radio International (via Trincomalee)

PCJ Radio International, broadcasting their third test transmission from Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, was logged on  2 June 2013. Another nostalgic broadcast with "Focus Asia Pacific" hosted by Andy Sennitt  and "Happy Station" with Keith Perron was heard from 13.00 to 14.00 UTC. What a delight! DXer extraordinaire Victor Goonetilleke, Victor Qian from Voice of Pujiang and Tom Meyer hosting "Happy Station" from a Radio Nederland archived recording was part of the evening's treat. To ensure improved reception the frequency was shifted to 11.835 kHz, after interference  from Voice of Korea was reported last Sunday. Fortunately reception on this new frequency was (SINPO) 55545 -- excellent signal strength and audio clarity with no QRM, only slight fading. 

To  provide an idea of reception conditions in South East Asia, you may listen to the broadcast HERE (using a Grundig Satellit 500) and HERE (using a Tecsun S-2000/Grundig Satellit 750). 

A reception report was emailed shortly after the broadcast. Later this week a reception report will be posted for a QSL card. An eQSL was received on 12 June 2013. A QSL Letter, along with Taiwanese postage stamps, photo of Keith Perron and Tom Meijer in the 45th Anniversary QSL card of Happy Station, arrived in the mail on 26 June 2013.

Postal address:
QSL Letter with souvenirs

PCJ Radio International
8th Floor, Number 47, Lane 31,
Sanmin Road, Section 1,
Banciao, New Taipei City
Taiwan, 22070
Republic Of China




  1. Hi,

    I hope you got your verification letter. BTW we are testing two other frequencies this Sunday.
    June 9th 5955khz to Europe - 1300 to 1400UTC same time as our Asia Service.
    June 10th on 9925khz to North America - 0000 to 0100UTC

    All the details are at our website.

    1. Hi Keith.

      Verification letter? I have received only one eQSL for the 19 May broadcast. I'm still waiting for the eQSL for 2 June. I would imagine V.G. has his hands full; I'm also waiting for an eQSL from SLBC. By the way, I have mailed two reception reports to PCJ requesting paper QSL. Neither of these have arrived to date, but I'm confident they'll arrive in good time.

      Yes, I definitely would like to catch the 9 June transmission, especially from the relay site in Nauen. If this site can't be heard well in SEA, I will switch to Trincomalee.

      Love the "The Happy Station Show", Keith. It would be terrific if you could extend the show for an additional 30 minutes -- 1 hour in total. Hope to hear more from you on short-wave. Take care and God bless.