Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Radio Station WWV (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Radio Station WWV, transmitting from Fort Collins, Colorado (USA), was logged on 11 and 12 June 2013. Transmission was monitored on 20 Mhz from 15.58 to16.10 UTC (11 June 2013) and 15.36 to 16.15 UTC (12 June 2013). On both days, transmission was best received between 15.58 to 16.05 UTC.

Reception on 11 June 2013 at 15.58 UTC  was (SINPO) 25221 -- weak signal, time pips and voice were audible and recognisable before 16.00 UTC. By 16.10 UTC, only faint time pips/pulses were detected amidst QRN. After 16.15 UTC, no signal was observed.

WWV facility in Fort Collins
Reception on 12 June 2013 at 15.36 UTC  was (SINPO) 15221 -- intermittent time pips began to peak through severe QRN. By 15.40 UTC, time pips, male voice stating the time and chime on the minute was faintly detected; QRN persisted to be heavy. At 16.00 UTC, signal peaked to 25232 -- speech of male voice announcing time, followed by minute chime and time pipes was clearly audible. Signal continued to be received up to 16.15 UTC. After this, signal was buried in QRN.

Reception was much better on 13 June, after 14.30 UTC. Voice-over and time pips/pulses were much cleared at (SINPO) 35343. Click HERE to listen.

To provide an idea of reception  in Malaysia on 12 June at 16.00 UTC,  listen to  time pips/pulses and male voice-over HERE.


This is doubly satisfying to hear Radio Station WWV. One, it is a rarity to receive WWV on 20 Mhz given the  frequency, transmitter output power of 2.5 kW and the distance to Malaysia. Secondly, I am a native of Colorado and lived not far from Fort Collins and Boulder. So quite naturally, it's nice to hear a bit of home on short-wave, even though it is a time station :-)

A reception report was emailed on 12 June 2013. An email was received from WWV on 12 June 2013, indicating a QSL card would be forthcoming. The QSL indeed arrived on 18 July 2013.



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