Saturday, June 29, 2013

Query about Radio Republik Indonesia Stations

After sending an on-line query late last month  to the Voice of Indonesia (VoI) and asking assistance to obtain Letters of Verification from several Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) stations, I received this encouraging message on 28 June 2013: Thank you for your email. We really appreciate it. We will forward your email to RRI Program & Production Directorate. Perhaps they will be able to help you connect to RRI stations.

While VoI wins kudos for replying to my query, I am wary of any response soon from the RRI stations in question, chiefly RRI Kendari, RRI Makassar, RRI Fak Fak, RRI Maidun, RRI Ternate and RRI Wamena. Each station was previously contacted in Bahasa Indonesia, with SAE and PPC (Self-prepared Verification Letter), by mail and/or email. And yet, months have passed without yielding any response.

I am aware budgetary constraints, poor management and inadequate mail service affect some of these RRI stations. IRCs may be impossible to exchange in some outposts, in which case money or Indonesian postage stamps would suffice. Money and IRCs  were previously sent to a few RRI stations and, again, there was no response. An Indonesian SWL made this known to me nearly a month ago. The situation is not unlike the NBC provincial stations in Papua New Guinea.

Still, it is gratifying to learn at least someone at the Voice of Indonesia is thoughtful enough to acknowledge a listener, even one in neighbouring Malaysia. Thank you, Voice of Indonesia!

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