Monday, September 5, 2011

Radiodifusion Argentina al Exterior (RAE)

e-QSL Card
Radiodifusion Argentina al Exterior (RAE) in Buenos Aires and transmitting from General Pacheco was heard on 5 September 2011. RAE’s Portuguese language broadcast from 11:00 to 12:00 UTC  was monitored from 10.58 to 11.30 UTC on 6.060 kHz. Signal (SINPO) at 11.00 UTC was 21211 -- extremely weak signal along with a lot of interference from adjacent stations. Despite the poor reception, station interval signal and Argentine pop songs were audible. At one point in the broadcast an announcer mentioned "RAE", confirming the station. At 11.30 UTC, Family Radio knocked out reception totally.

Reception report was submitted by post and email. The e-QSL shown here was received on 7 September 2011. This is the third Latin American station to be heard and the second to be verified, which is quite a feat in this part of the world!

Radiodifusion Argentina al Exterior
Casilla de Correo 555
Correo Central
C1000WAF Buenos Aires, Argentina




  1. Hi, my friend!
    I visit your blog regularly and I find it really interesting. I have included a link to yours in my blog.
    About RAE, let me suggest you an e-mail to write to: I have read that it works and a QSL card can be got writing here. Good luck!
    Artur Fernández Llorella
    Catalonia, Spain

  2. Hi Timm - thank you for your informative postings. Love your blog! Heard RAE last night - very loud ! Recording:
    Best regards, Nick VK2DX Sydney - Australia