Saturday, September 17, 2011

Radio Cyprus (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation)

Radio Cyprus (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation) in Limassol was heard on 16 September 2011 and monitored  from 22.15 to 22.30 UTC (broadcast time 22.15-22.45 UTC) on 7.220 kHz. Signal (SINPO) at 22.15 UTC was 12411 -- weak signal strength, interference from China Radio International (CRI) and fading. Despite the poor reception, speech was audible and discernible until 22.30 UTC, at which point transmission could not be heard due to interference from CRI.

Reception report was submitted by post and email. QSL card received in the mail on 29 September 2011, within two weeks of submitting report.

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation
Radio Cyprus
P.O. Box 24824
1397 Nicosia, Cyprus



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