Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Radyo Dengê Welat (Grigoriopol and Issoudun)

Radyo Dengê Welat (formerly Radyo Denge Kurdistan) via Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr, located in Grigoriopol, Transnistria, Moldova, was logged on  12 March 2018, from 13.40 until 14.05 UTC. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 11.530 kHz rated a SINP0 of 54544 -- good signal strength, clear audio, initially some co-frequency interference and slight fading. Kurdish programming with patriotic rhetoric, news and Kurdish music was observed during this time period. HERE and HERE is Dengê Welat.

Radyo Dengê Welat  has been heard as well from the Telediffusion de France facility in Issoudun on 9.525 kHz, from 17.30 till 18.05 UTC.  SINP0 rated 45544 -- good signal strength, clear audio, no interference. HERE is an audio excerpt from this broadcast. 

Reception report was submitted to Radyo Dengê Welat  and Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr. Similarly, the Telediffusion de France facility was contacted for the Issoudun transmission. Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr replied with an eQSL on 13 March 2018. Sergey Omelchenko, Technical Director of Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecentr, also stated in his email that "This program we began to broadcast from March 2."


  1. When sending a reception report to Radio Dengê Welat to Pridnestrovskiy Radiotelenetsentr (prtc@idknet.com), I got following reply:

    "We inform you that at the request of the owner we stop correspondence with radio observers.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Administration of Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecentr"