Sunday, March 4, 2018

China Radio International Retrospective

Two decades after Mao Zedong came to power in China, the short-wave bands resounded with the melody "The East is Red". Back in 1968-1969, this was the interval for Radio Peking, the state broadcaster for the Peoples Republic of China. It was a tune easily heard throughout much of the world, even in the small suburban town where I lived in central Colorado (USA). 

In the early years Radio Peking's programming was not much different than the format the Voice of Korea utilizes today. Glorified leadership. Grandiose views on Leninism-Marxism. Exaggerated claims of China's accomplishments under Mao Zedong. That was then -- a far cry from today's western-style programming and American/European announcers. 

Radio Peking, much like its successor, China Radio International operated on multiple frequencies; albeit, nowadays China Radio International, China National Radio and regional Public Broadcasting Stations make China's presence seem more ubiquitous. Perhaps much of this is due to my current residence in South East Asia. Nevertheless China dominates both the medium-wave and short-wave frequencies, often with hefty kilowatts radiating not just across China but from relay stations elsewhere in the world.

On several occasions China Radio International verified non-CRI transmissions, including many PBS, CNR and China Tibet Broadcasting. Insomuch as it was often difficult to obtain verifications from these stations and, more importantly, CRI like the others were/are state owned and operated stations under the same broadcasting body, I requested their verification and CRI duly indicated the non-CRI station on the card. The QSLs in this audio-video presentation represent many such stations verified.

(Kunming, Gancheng and Xuanwei) - CRI and CNR 
(Chongqing) - PBS Chongqing

(Baoji Xinjie) - Voice of Russia 
(Beijing) - China Radio International and Radio Exterior de Espana
(Chengdu) - PBS Sichuan 
(Jinhua) - China Radio International 
(Kashi-Saibagh) - China Radio International
(Lingshi) - China National Radio 
(Nanning) - China Radio International and Guangxi Beibu Bay Radio
(Quinghai) - PBS Quinghai
(Shijiazhuang) - China Radio International 
(Urumqi) - Radio Canada International, PBS Xinjiang 
(Xian) - China Radio International and Radio Canada International 
(Xiangtan, Changsha) - PBS Hunan

CHINA (Inner Mongolia) 
(Hohhot) - China Radio International 
(Hailar) - China National Radio , PBS Hulun Buir

CHINA (Tibet) 
(Lhasa-Baiding) - PBS Xizang 
(Hezuo, Gānnán) - PBS Gannan

Cerrik - Radio China International 

(Havana) - China Radio International

Bamako - China Radio International 

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